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Above and Beyond the Classroom

We are on a mission to support GESS to become an excellent international school in Singapore by enhancing our children’s experience above and beyond the classroom.

Help us in building up the community spirit.

Be a part of a global network.

How you can help

Successful Chairman Fund

By supporting the GESS general purpose fund, your contribution will be used as and where needed over the course of the school year.

  • 0% Funded
  • $79,494.07 Donated
  • 0 Days to go
Successful Cooking Lab

At GESS, we would like to expose our students to cooking and even use cooking as a way to teach mathematics or chemistry!

  • 0% Funded
  • $9,660.00 Donated
  • 0 Days to go

A day of fun for Kindergarten or a workshop for our secondary students on subjects and practical skills not normally taught in the classroom.

  • 60% Funded
  • $30,000.00 Donated
  • 0 Days to go
Unsuccessful Design Technology Studio

Design at GESS gives students the opportunity to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in a real world environment.

  • 31% Funded
  • $67,821.00 Donated
  • 0 Days to go

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