At GESS, we would like to expose our students to cooking and even use cooking as a way to teach mathematics or chemistry!

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Cooking Lab

In our new Campus, we would like to integrate a cooking lab with 16 working stations fully equipped with ovens, microwaves and induction hobs where our students can learn new skills and express their creativity through the art of a healthy and creative cooking. We would also be hosting workshops and talks with nutritionists to benefit our parents and corporate community. Cost has been estimated at S$25,000.

The difference your gift can make:

  • 13x Ovens
  • 9x Four Zones Induction Hobs
  • 2x Dishwasher
  • 3x Big Fridges cum Freezer
  • 1x Washing Machine
  • 1x Dryer
  • 2x Microwaves
  • 1x Whiteboard with Projector

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