1. I already pay tuition fees. Isn’t it enough?

While tuition fees cover the cost of running the school, private donations help GESS to continually invest in new programs and initiatives that enhance the academic experience of our students, transforming them into true global citizens.

2. What is the difference to CARE@GESS?

The GESS Fund strictly supports the School while CARE@GESS raises funds for external charities

3. I only want to support my child’s section.

No problem at all. Every year, we select projects that only impact preschool, primary school or secondary school.

4. How much should I give?

Every gift is important to us and makes a difference. Whatever the size, it inspires others to do the same. It shows corporates and foundations that our own community is passionate about GESS and supports our school. You should give at a level that is appropriate for you.

5. How are the projects selected?

We select projects very carefully and following due consideration by teachers, senior management and board members. We do our best to ensure that every dollar we raise has a maximum impact on GESS and its students. Every project is aligned with the school’s mission and strategic plan.

6. Why doesn’t GESS increase tuition fees instead of fundraising?

Raising tuition to the level necessary to cover all of the costs of a GESS education would limit the number of students who could afford to attend. It is important that GESS remains affordable to all of its constituents, and the school, therefore, tries to keep fees as low as possible. Donations of all sizes to the GESS Fund make a difference by creating a truly remarkable educational experience above and beyond tuition. GESS families are encouraged to support GESS Fund’s projects at a level that is appropriate for them.

7. Can my gift qualify for tax deduction?

Yes. If you pay taxes in Germany, your gift to the GESS Fund can be deducted from your taxes. Please contact Cristina Bertolino, Director of Advancement, for further clarification on this matter. There is no tax deduction for tax payable to Singapore.