“Supporting GESS’ Mission: deepening Roots and extending Wings through Philanthropy”

Ensuring that expatriate children in Singapore can have access to a good quality school that focuses on German and European roots and traditions is not a given. And year after year, GESS has been led by passionate volunteers to become what it is today. Thanks to this, the strong support of the European communities at home and in Singapore as well as the support of the German Government, GESS is a reputable and highly recognised not-for-profit foreign system school in Singapore.

But we look to achieve even more and this is the exact reason why the GESS Fund was created: to keep GESS at the pinnacle of international education in Singapore by raising funds from individuals and corporates. While tuition fees finance the day-to-day operations and administrative costs of the school, donations from corporates, alumni, parents and staff can provide for extra equipment, better technology and innovative co-curricular programs for students and staff which will enhance the students’ experience on top of the already very good-quality education.

We appeal to our community to make GESS an even better place for all our students.

German European School Singapore

Vision: “Furthering the Culture of Giving to benefit GESS and its Community.”


Our dream for GESS and our vision for the GESS Fund is that one day, fundraising at our school will be so well established that it is part of who we are and what we do.

Be part of GESS History, make a gift now.