Posted on April 20, 2016 By GESS Fund

Nutritionist project (Sep-Dec 2015)

At GESS we have been looking at ways to further enhance the dining experiences of the schools younger students.

Thanks to the support of the GESS Fund, the School has engaged Jane Freeman, an experienced school food dietician, for a 4-months’ study with the aim to put bigger smiles on the faces of the children in the lunch line, whist at the same time ensuring our meals are healthy and include more of the harder working ingredients known to help children do better in the classroom, as well as provide for their growth and activity needs.

While we still have more to do, we are very pleased to update on the changes that children are now enjoying. It is also nice to share that a number of the teachers have noted a difference in the way the children are enjoying and eating the lunch meals, with one even noting that her class seemed more content in the afternoon lessons.

Big Thank you to our donors for making this possible!