GESS Volkswagen Cup 2017

After 2 weekends of exciting indoor football tournaments, the GESS Volkswagen Cup 2017 has come to its conclusion last Sunday evening. 216 GESS players, age 7 to 19 years old, have graciously hosted more than 46 guest teams from various international and local schools in Singapore, as well as our sister school from KL. All 600 players displayed great team spirits, impressive skills, fair plays and most of all, experienced great, great fun! GESS teams have brought home altogether 19 medals: 8 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze.

We would like to thank all players, families and volunteers who supported us and our sponsor Volkswagen for making this great event possible.

Posted on March 13, 2017 By GESS Fund

GESS Parent’s Networking Nights

Started in the AY 15/16, the GESS Parents’ Networking Nights have been one of the highlights of our School year. As part of the GESS Fund’s efforts to strengthen the school’s community spirit and to raise awareness about the Foundation, these events, which run four times per year, have brought parents together outside the School to discover hidden gems and new spots in town, gather with friends and make new ones, enjoy great food and drinks and, most importantly, network, network, network!!

All funds raised will be allocated to our Design & Technology Studio Project at our new Campus.

HotelJen, Huber’s Bistro Absinthe restaurant Français, Swiss Club and Brez’n are a few of our supportive sponsors.

Stay tuned and join us at the next GESS Parents’ Networking Night.

Access pictures of our past event here.

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Sewing machines (April 2016)

A super thank you to the GESS Fund. Our Design department has recently received 8  “Brother “ sewing machines to add to their Design manufacturing capability and will be incorporated into the Design and Arts departments on the new campus in 2017. The machines will enable students to widen their skills and options when designing and creating products. They will also be fully utilized in the Textiles CCA that will commence in the start of the next school year.” The Design and Technology Team

Big Thank you to our donors for making this possible!

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GESS Volkswagen Cup 2015/16 (February 2016)

The 12th GESS Volkswagen Cup

GESS proudly hosted the 12th annual GESS Volkswagen Cup in February, 2016. The tournament entailed two weekends of exciting indoor football games which saw juniors and seniors participate in fair play and lots of fun! GESS welcomed more than 50 guest teams from international and local schools located all over Singapore and brought home 16 medals in total – six gold, seven silver and three bronze! We’d like to thank all players and families who came to support us and Volkswagen Singapore for the continued support!

Posted on April 21, 2016 By GESS Fund

Nutritionist project (Sep-Dec 2015)

At GESS we have been looking at ways to further enhance the dining experiences of the schools younger students.

Thanks to the support of the GESS Fund, the School has engaged Jane Freeman, an experienced school food dietician, for a 4-months’ study with the aim to put bigger smiles on the faces of the children in the lunch line, whist at the same time ensuring our meals are healthy and include more of the harder working ingredients known to help children do better in the classroom, as well as provide for their growth and activity needs.

While we still have more to do, we are very pleased to update on the changes that children are now enjoying. It is also nice to share that a number of the teachers have noted a difference in the way the children are enjoying and eating the lunch meals, with one even noting that her class seemed more content in the afternoon lessons.

Big Thank you to our donors for making this possible!

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Circus in motion!

Circus arts transcend all boundaries and challenge physical limitations. Our kindergarten kids have been given opportunities to explore their strengths in performance arts and excercise their creativity while at the same time building up their perseverance, discipline and self-esteem. A day of fun and excitement made possible thanks to the support of the Cabaret Team!

South East Asian Games 2015: GESS, overall winner

Thanks to the generous support of PERI, Siemens, Integra, Commerzbank and Dörrenberg, a team of 20 athletes from GESS traveled to Kuala Lumpur to take part into the South East Asian Games 2015. Every two years, the competition brings together five German Schools from the South East Asian region to compete in 4 different sports: track & field, swimming, volleyball and football.

The months of hard training paid off with success for GESS team. They came back to Singapore as the overwall winner of the South East Asian Games 2015. Congratulations must go to all team members who performed so well, and also to coaches Thomas Teichert, Bill Hickling, Heidi Shaughnessy, Stephanie Bruns and Dirk Kastermans. Well done team!!

GESS-Volkswagen Cup 2014/15

GESS-Volkswagen Cup – the 11th edition

In November 2014, GESS proudly hosted the seniors’ competition of the annual GESS Volkswagen Cup for the 11th time. The GESS football teams were competing against other schools from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in the traditional indoor GESS Volkswagen Cup. Participating Teams were the following: Lycée Francais de Singapour, St. Andrews Junior School, NPS International, St. Josephs Institution International School, Canadian International School – Lake Side, Overseas Family School, Deutsche Schule Kuala Lumpur and Korean International School. It was an exciting and fair played tournament with happy winners.

In March 2015 GESS hosted the juniors’ tournament of the annual GESS Volkswagen Cup for U8 to U12 students. More than 13 GESS teams participated in this popular Football Competition attended by team across the island including Stamford American School, Hollandse School, Dulwich, Canadian International school, Nexus, Swiss School, NPS, St Andrews and St. Joseph Institution. It was a very successful and well-attended event with more than 100 players from GESS JSC alone.

We would like to thank our sponsor, Volkswagen, for making these unique tournaments possible!

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